Friday, December 26, 2014

Hello There, Welcome to My Blog!

Hello Everyone! Thanks for poppin' in!

Some quick facts about me: my name is Richelle Spranger and I'm 22-year-old freckled brunette living in South Eastern Michigan.  I live with my amazing boyfriend Paul and our four pets--or should I say  miniature zoo?!  We have two dogs: Aurora & Samantha, Nala our Tabby, and Rio our cute chirping cockatiel parrot.  

I currently work from home doing all sorts of odd jobs, but mostly I sell FBA thru Amazon, with the focus on used books.  In addition to that, sell on eBay here and there and run an Etsy shop: Woodland Rose Home where I specialize in Bohemian themed jewelry and accessories. 

Another thing you'll quickly learn about me--I have a lot of hobbies which include writing, crocheting, jewelry making, baking and decorating.  My mind is constantly flowing with new craft ideas that I can't keep up with them all.  In addition, I have a huge love for natural beauty products and designer handbags---I WILL own some Louis Vuitton one day!  I'm also arguably the biggest animal lover and would easily be the happiest girl in the world if I lived on a farm with dozens of them.  If my boyfriend never said 'no', I promise you we'd have at least a few more pets at home.. haha I know, some may say I'm a little out of control ;)  

PHOTO: Richelle (me!) and Paul with our two dogs: Aurora & Samantha (in photo left to right).

If you've already read this far: THANK YOU for reading my first ever post.  I promise there will be more.  A lot more!  Feel free to stick around, share & comment--I'd LOVE to hear from you--yes you!  You have a fantastic day and a wonderful New Year.  

Love ya lots,

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