Friday, January 9, 2015

3-Day Naked Juice Fast - PART 2 - Results + Tips For Staying on Your Fast

Hello, everyone!  I'm alive and here to report on my 3-Day Naked Juice Fast.  In case you're wondering, I'm proud to say I completed it!  This post is for sharing my experiences and results of my fast!  If you're not sure what I'm referring to, click here to read PART 1.  

Day 1 up until the evening was fine, but I eventually had a terrible upset stomach the rest of the night.  Actually, I continued to have stomach aches only at night the following two days, but they weren't as bad.  I have a feeling it was a combination of not eating and my body detoxing.  I also went a little overboard putting away holiday decorations on Day 1 and I think I over did it which also affected me.  All three days I did take time for a nap in the late afternoon and it really helped.  On a positive note, every morning I woke up feeling so vibrant and awake--a lot more than usual and that was really nice.  I also felt way less bloated, flatter in my stomach and light on my feet.  I never weighed myself for this fast since I don't own a scale, but I won't be surprised if I lost a few pounds during this experiment.  It's interesting what a little fasting can do!

There was no rule breaking or sneaking, but a lot of dreaming about food hahaha... It's funny how much we have a relationship with food.  Even when I wasn't hungry, I would be thinking about food especially these Rold Gold Honey Mustard Tiny Twist Pretzels!  Those damn things have been daunting me from on top of the microwave ever since I began that fast!  But honestly, the two hardest parts of this fast would have to be the act of eating/chewing food, and being able to eat dinner with my boyfriend Paul each night.  He was so supportive during this fast, but he definitely wasn't interested in taking part in it! Overall, I'm happy I completed the fast and I would consider doing it again in the future.  

A Few Tips:  If you're interested in trying your own juice fast, I've gathered a some advice for you. First, have plenty of juice/supplies on hand because running out before you're done would be a disaster.  Secondly, don't forget to drink water in between servings; it will help you fluid out toxins naturally.  And third, is to keep busy.  Do not, I REPEAT do not over do it like I did on Day 1--it wasn't pleasant--but do things you enjoy and find ways to pass the time.  Mostly, I crocheted, browsed Amazon and caught up on Grimm.

Anyways, that's all for now.  I hope you enjoyed this Part 1& 2 of my Naked Juice Fast Journey.  Be sure to come back later this week for another post: Outfit of the Day Holiday Date Night Edition.  You all have a great day and I'll be back soon!

Love ya lots, 


  1. My favorite is the Green Machine because I do enjoy green smoothies, but if I have no time for making myself one every morning, I would just pick this up as I go for my breakfast or treat it as lunch. I could live off it if I could haha.

    But it is quite interesting with the juicing challenge because I am looking into ways to detox my body and I believe you must be consistent with it because I tried YourTea and it was only a temporary fix.

    -Lee (

    1. Hi Lee, thanks for your response :) I agree with you 100% about being consistent. I have heard of YourTea but haven't tried it. I enjoyed my fast and it has helped me eat cleaner since I've been off it.