Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get Glowing Healthy Skin in 3 STEPS!

Hello, everyone!  Spring and Summer is just around the corner---hopefully sooner than later---and if you're like me, you're dreaming of those hot sunny days that you can wear sundresses, denim shorts and flip flops again.  Oh, the good ole days!  When you're showing off a little more skin, you want it to be soft and look fantastic in those short shorts.   Put your dull winter skin days behind you and step forward to Healthy, Glowing Skin in 1 - 2 - 3!  


The first step to smooth skin is exfoliation and here are some examples.  A very gentle way is using a loofah with your favorite body wash that will help remove any dead skin.  The second option and my favorite is using an All Natural Sugar Scrub, which is effective at removing dry skin.

My last and most unique tip is using a Dry Skin Brush (find it here).  These are inexpensive and can be found in the bath/body section in many stores and of course, on Amazon.  I paid only $4 for mine!  Dry skin brushing is very easy, I usually do it before I hop in the shower and start at my feet brushing my skin upwards.  Sounds kinda strange, but so worth it and it's actually really relaxing and offers loads of other benefits.  Want more details on dry skin brushing?  Comment below & I can do a specific post on it!

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Step two is also simple and it's to moisturize, especially after showering and during colder months when our skin is naturally more dry.  You can use body lotions, body butters or natural oils/butters.  Whatever you use, READ LABELS!  Use more natural products that are good for your skin without added garbage.

My two favorite natural lotions are Desert Essence Organics Fragrance Free Body Lotion (find it here) and Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hand & Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter (find it here).  Both of these are full of oils, butters and vitamins that your skin will soak right up!  I'm also a huge fan of Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter which are amazing moisturizers for nighttime use and can even be used on your face.  Coconut Oil has saved my skin this winter!

Lastly, to achieve healthy skin is to have a good diet.  Now what does that mean?  Well, I'm asking you to EAT CLEAN--eat whole foods that are full of nutrients and make your plate colorful.  Eat a lot of fruit; these are the healthy carbs our body loves and they're also water rich.  You also should drink water, I'm talking 1.5-2 L per day.  No whining, it can be done! :)  By doing this, your helping your skin from the inside out and putting less toxins into the body.

It's truly as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Be consistent with all three steps, and be ready to reveal gorgeous skin to be proud of.  I hope you enjoyed this post and found my tips helpful.  Have any advice of your own?  Share down below!  Be sure to comment, share and follow this blog for more.  Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

Love ya lots,

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  1. Good tips. My skin is so dry during the winter. A body scrub does the job for me on my legs.

    1. Hi Enie! I understand your pain... my skin is also very dry and struggles during winter the worst. My sugar body scrub has been a true life saver for sure! Thanks for commenting!