Sunday, January 11, 2015

Holiday Party Date Night - Outfit of the Day

Hello!  Back again with another post and today I wanted to share with you my first ever Outfit of the Day or in this case "night".  For the second year in a row, my boyfriend's work is hosting their annual Ford Christmas party at Henry Ford Museum for a night of dinner, dancing, and browsing the exhibits at night--our favorite part.  The company always hosts these parties in January when everyones' schedules are less hectic and can literally block off the museum till up to joke!

The best aspect was the required dress-code: Evening Wear and Coat & Tie.  So in other words, the greatest excuse ever to get dressed up.  Hair, makeup, jewelry, a flowing dress and of course a pair of strappy heels--you name it.  All paired with my man in a black suit. What girl could turn that down?  

Paul & I in front of a Wright Brother's Airplane.
And a selfie with the boyfriend :)

So a quick rundown for you.. 

Dress: Windsor Black Sequin High-low Dress

Heels:  Aldo Black Leather Wedges

Jewelry: White Gold Diamond Dangle Earrings, White Gold Diamond Heart Necklace & Fitbit Flex--does that count as jewelry? I don't know! 

Makeup:  Mostly BareMinerals with a dash of Jane Iredale & It Cosmetics

Nails: Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Cherry Red & Invisible--acting topcoat 

Hair Style:  Good Old Fashioned Foam Rollers --remember the beloved pink ones?

Last selfie--I promise!  I'm on the upper level and below are some of the formal seating arrangements that sit below an antique plane.. how cool is that?  Haha is it just me, or am I a complete nerd?
In a plane's cockpit from the 1930s.  It was a very tight space, but it's one of my favorite photos!
Just one example of the GORGEOUS chandeliers this museum has.  I swear the camera doesn't do it justice.  
A couple of vintage classics....I particularly LOVE the pink and grey car on the right. 
A completely off topic photo of an English bridle and saddle from the early 1900s.  I rode horses for many years and thought was very cool.  I've never seen antique horse tack in this good of condition before.  It looks barely used!
My two biggest babies here.. Aurora and Samantha.  Had to sneak in a few photos with them!
Little Miss Nala too :)
Had a great night and have blisters on my feet to prove it.  I just had to add in those last couple photos for ya of the animals.. I can't come home and not get a few pictures with them too!  It's about 2am as I tie up this post.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to anyone that stumbles onto my blog and sticks around long enough to read this.  YOU'RE AWESOME so thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate it.  Feel free to comment and share.  You have an amazing rest of your day and goodnight.  

Love ya lots,


  1. You guys make such an adorable couple!!

    xo Rida

    1. Thanks so much Rita! Thanks for reading and commenting...You have an amazing rest of your weekend! ~Richelle

  2. really cute, you look great :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Thanks, Danielle! I just stopped by your blog... I love the design and your blog's title! Have a great Sunday :)

  3. your cat so cute :)