Monday, February 2, 2015

Introducing Simple Sunday - Super Bowl Edition

Happy Happy Sunday... quick picture with Paul in between the game--of course!
Don't mind the photo edit, I couldn't help myself!
Game night fuel--not healthy in the least, but delicious!  Homemade dips by
Paul's mom and White Castle Burgers.
Super Bowl desserts included Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes and savory homemade fudge!
These are Paul's parents' pets---love them as if they were my own!  They're
constant entertainment.  Shelby is my favorite...pss don't tell! ;)
Our CRAZY snowy weather today.. the picture doesn't do it justice!  Woke up to heavy snow fall
and it never stopped all day.  So far we got over 8 inches & it's still going strong at 1am!

Hello, everyone!  Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you football fans or anyone who loves some good American food and hilarious commercials!  I want to share our day that was full of delicious food, cute pets and football.  It's also been snowing like crazy, so I'll be sure to show you some of that.  Michigan weather at its' finest!  

This Sunday, Paul and I went off to his parent's house to have dinner and watch the game.  We rooted for the Seattle Seahawks--or I should say they did because my love for football goes about as far as I can throw one and it wouldn't get too far!  I just get excited about the half-time show that Katy Perry played (it was awesome, BTW), funny commercials and all the treats.  We came over with a Crave case from White Castle and I made Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes--YUM!  If you're not based in the States, Super Bowl is kinda a big deal here and there are ALWAYS amazing commercials!  My favorite was the Budweiser commercial with the beautiful Clydesdales and this adorable golden retriever puppy.  If you didn't see it, YOU SHOULD... just head to youtube and search "2015 budweiser super bowl commercial" because it's the cutest thing ever!  Promise!

Starting this Sunday, I created Simple Sunday which is my new weekly segment devoted to the Lifestyle portion of my blog.  It will be a "daily journal" of sorts that will be a casual post talking with all of you about the random happenings of our Sunday or life in general.  Paul usually works Monday through Saturday,  so Sunday is our favorite day of the week.  I will continue posting Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with beauty and fashion related posts.  So anyways, expect a lot of me! Hahaha!

Let me know what you think of Simple Sunday! I really hope you like it... so how was your ours?  Please like, comment and follow this blog for more :) See you all Tuesday for Tea Tuesday!  Have a great day!

Love ya lots,

P.S.  Miss my last couple posts?  No worries.. check them out below!

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  1. I love reading lifestyle posts like this :) I'm in Toronto and we also got ALOT of snow!

    1. Thank YOU! I'm sure the weather got pretty wild up there for you guys as well... I've got 2ft icicles dangling from my roof now and ended up getting over 8 inches yesterday. How much snow do you guys have? Thanks for commenting and following this blog :)