Sunday, February 8, 2015

Simple Sunday - Snowed In!

Hello, everyone!  Welcome back to Simple Sunday, a relaxed post about the happenings of my life in the past week.  Among the many things to occur, the major one has to do with all this snow and wild Michigan weather.  I've inserted some photos for evidence!

This poor little Bug!  I saw this car on a side street in Downtown... I can't believe how
much snow is here!  I would have cried if this was my car!!!
We received the bulk of the snow last weekend (over 8 inches), but are still dealing with the aftermath.  The rest of the week, we got more on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Through all this snow, my poor car got LOADED!  I always park on the side of the house and unfortunately, that became the drifting area.  Every gust of wind just surrounded my car with more and more snow on all sides.  Thank goodness, Paul shoveled the car out later in the week because I was finally able to leave the house!

Nala LOVES the dogs' new bed! Aurora is so sweet and sharing with her :)
Other than that, I caught up on house and work related stuff and of course, hung out with my babies.  Can't forget to talk about them!  Aurora just made her first debut in Saturday's youtube video at the end, so if you'd like to see her CLICK HERE.  I also went to dinner with my dad and brother on Tuesday and had a the delicious BBQ Chicken Hani...I wanna add :)  And it was so nice, my dad gave us my old dog's dog bed.  It's basically brand new and machine washable.  Both of my dogs destroyed their beds as puppies and never replaced them.  I think they forgot what it is!  The bed is a bit small for them and they won't lay on it... Aurora thinks it's a setup or something like she's not allowed!  It's hilarious!  However, Nala has taken it as her own and is LOVING IT!

That concludes this week's Simple Sunday and I hope my weather problems didn't bore you too much!  This post is going up a little earlier than usual because my boyfriend's best friend and wife are coming by for dinner.  We haven't seen them in ages, since he has been in the Marines and living down South.  SO HAPPY they have moved back to Michigan!  Stay tuned for Tuesday's post: Valentine's Day Inspired Nails.  If you liked this, please google+ like, comment and follow this blog for more :)  You all have a great day!

Love ya lots,

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