Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nala's Birthday! -- Our Kitty Turns 3!

Hello, everyone!  Today is Nala's birthday and she turns 3!  I can't believe it!  Paul and I adopted her as a 10-week-old kitten back in June of 2012 and since she didn't have an official birthdate, I made an estimate.  In my eyes our sweet, cuddly and stubborn cat's birthday is on March 31st.  Here's some of Nala's favorite photos!

**Let's have today's post just be furry and cute!** 

Miss Nala, posing for the camera and about to take a cat nap.
She needs her beauty sleep!

One of my favorite photos of her!  She's so
innocent and cute when she's sleeping!

This is one of Nala's favorite spots, right here on the large club chair.  She loves
cuddling up on the handpainted COZY pillow I made.

Our baby loves Christmas... especially the real tree we got this year.  She loved
hiding under it and attacking my ornaments!  I do love this picture though :)

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Love ya lots,


  1. Naawwww gorgeous cat! Happy Birthday Nala! My scottie will be 4 in July, where do the years go :( x x
    Sophie Jenner

    1. Hi Sophie! Thank you! Happy early birthday to your buddy :) I always think the same thing.. I love my animals, they can drive me crazy but they're so worth it! Thanks for commenting

  2. Love your blog, and your kitty is too cute


    1. Hi Hevan! And thank you so much :) Have a great weekend.. thanks for commenting!

  3. Love your blog, and your kitty is too cute