Sunday, March 15, 2015

Simple Sunday - Quickie + Mini Update

Hello, everyone!  Thanks for joining me for another Simple Sunday post.  Unfortunately, today's post is going to be a shorter update because I have gotten sick and am not feeling well.  No matter what, I did want to come to you guys to keep everything on schedule!  So, let's get into it!

This is a picture from Saturday.  This little one DID NOT
want me to get any work done!

As mentioned above, this is a photo from Saturday while I was trying... hence, "trying" to get some work done.  Cats have a way of just putting themselves right in the middle of a situation.  You may not know, but I work from home and one of my main jobs is selling on Amazon.  I specialize in selling used books--I buy to then resell--and I send them to Amazon's Fulfillment Centers.  So, I was in the process of adding books to my inventory when Nala decided to drop in!  Thank goodness I was able to finish the entire box and it's ready to head to UPS because today I need to take it easy.  If you'd like to learn more about me, go ahead and visit my ABOUT PAGE :)
Our movie plan tonight: Alien Trilogy.  Never seen these movies before, but I'll
give them a shot!  Not quite sure they'll be my cup of tea though.

My boyfriend is working today, but will be off soon and we can officially start our Sunday and weekend.  We like keeping things pretty low key and staying in, so I love this time.  While I'm trying to pass this little bug I have and we're definitely becoming couch potatoes for the day.  We're off to watch the Alien Trilogy and get some food.  Another great thing about Sunday: it's my night off from cooking!  Hoot, hoot!  

Thanks for sticking around for such a small Simple Sunday post.  I hope you're having a fantastic day!  What have you been up to?  What's the weather like near you? Comment down below!  If you enjoyed please google+, comment and join this site (follow) for more.  Also you can now follow me on Bloglovin' and the button is on the upper right panel of this page.  You have an amazing rest of your day! 

Love ya lots,

P.S.  Miss my last couple posts?  No worries.. check them out below!

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