Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tea Tuesday - Pink Tea?! Tazo Passion Tea Review

Hello, everyone!  April's Tea Tuesday has finally arrived!  I absolutely LOVE doing these posts and sharing new teas with all of you.  If you missed March's, you can check it out HERE.  For for this month's tea talk, I wanted to share a completely new tea (to me) and something that is caffeine-free.  When I saw TAZO's Passion Tea (find it here), I knew it would be the perfect pick for April, the most Spring-like month of the year.  The coolest part of this tea: it's PINK!  Can't say I've ever had pink tea before this!

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TAZO Passion Tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea that's infused with hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips and  of course, passion fruit flavors (hence the name hehe).  I've tried dozens of different teas, but I have to admit that this is the first I've tasted with rose hips and passion fruit.  The taste is VERY unique, sweet and fruity with loads and loads of flavor.  This is definitely a tea to drink by itself or with certain desserts because of it's sometimes overpowering sweetness---and that's without adding sugar to it!  It steeps quickly and the tea bag is easily used twice.  Thumbs up for me!

Here's what the individually wrapped tea bags look like and the bag once it's
steeped once.  I can't get over all the pink it gives off!

Be sure to always drink it from a white or light colored mug because this tea is PINK and you want to be able to see it!  I love how fun this tea is to hold and sip because it's just so colorful.  Makes me think of Spring!  My final verdict: I like this tea and recommend that you try it and join in on the fun!  So far I'm super impressed with TAZO brand tea and can't wait to try more.  What do you think of this pink tea?

This tea steeps quickly and turns to a hot pink within seconds of bobbing the bag.

Thanks for stopping by for another Tea Tuesday!  I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm making a loyal tea drinker outta ya!  What are your favorite teas?  Share them below.... I'd love trying new teas and who knows, it might find its way to a future Tea Tuesday!  If you enjoyed please google+, comment and join this site (follow) for more.  You have an amazing rest of your day! 

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  1. Tea Tuseday! I love that!! :)<3


    1. Hi Moa! Thank you so much... Tea Tuesday is one of my favorite posts to do. Be sure to check back the first Tuesday in May for the next one! Thanks for commenting :)