Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tea Tuesday - My Holy Grail Green Tea!

Hello, everyone!  Welcome back for another Tea Tuesday!  I can hardly believe it, but June marks the 6-month anniversary to this beloved monthly segment.  If you missed May's fruity tea pick, you can check it out HERE. 

For June, I'm pulling out the big guns and sharing a long-time favorite and holy grail tea.  I've been drinking Triple Leaf Green Tea (find it here) for over a year, usually every morning.  I'm completely hooked to it's simple earthy flavor and it's the perfect match for helping me wake up.  I major thing I love about this tea is that although it has a lot of flavor, I've never found it to be bitter or too strong.  Saying that, I don't even add anything extra because I love it on its own. 

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I love green tea for it's array of beneficial qualities, so this tea is beyond just I taste thing for me.  Since I started drinking tea on a daily basis a few years ago, I've noticed many positive changes.  Green tea is amazing for weight loss and it definitely helps with random cravings.  Drinking tea is also a gentle way of helping your body detox.  My skin more clear and overall I feel much healthier.  My boyfriend has even experienced less heartburn.  These are just our personal experiences and the many reasons why we love tea.

You can purchase this tea a couple of ways.  My local meijer carries it in the natural foods section of their pharmacy and normally purchase it there.  If you don't have a meijer like I do or they don't stock it at your location, you can order it at Vitacost.com, which is my FAVORITE online health site and you cannot beat their prices.

 Thanks for joining me for another Tea Tuesday!  If you're a tea lover like me, be sure to share some of your favorites down below and they may be featured in an upcoming Tea Tuesday post!  If you enjoyed please google+, comment and join this site (follow) for more.  You can also now follow me on Bloglovin' with the button that is on the upper right panel of this page.  You have an amazing rest of your day! 

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