Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our Quilted Addition - Custom Quilt

Hello, everyone!  Welcome back for another post!  A few weeks ago I showed a bit of my crafty side by sharing my latest crochet piece in Cozy Home - Handmade Crochet Blanket.  Many of you enjoyed it, so I wanted to show our first quilt blanket that was custom made in Michigan.  This has been a long time in the making and it's finally completed!

Last November, my boyfriend Paul surprised me by taking my into a local quilt shop.  We were on a mini vacation for hunting season and we wanted to check out the downtown area.  There we found Backstreet Quilt Shop, this charming store managed by a mother and daughter team that offer classes, quilting supplies and specialize in custom order quilts.

We worked with Beckie--one of the owners--and chose a pattern along with all the fabric.  There were so many to chose from!  We took ages to narrow down our favorites and kept staking them together until we were content.  From there, we needed to decide on the quilting pattern, which holds all the layers of the blanket together.  We loved the leaf design and went with that.  Now that's one of our favorite parts!

Closeup of our beautiful quilt.  I love the leaf inspired quilt stitching!
They were very busy with orders for the holidays and the upcoming year so our blanket wasn't going to complete until June.  We were in no rush and loved that it was going to be handmade, so it was no big deal... and was definitely worth the wait!  Throughout the entire process I received updates and pictures of our quilt.

It's amazing to support a small local business and incredible artists.  The quality and craftsmanship in our blanket speaks for itself!  Everything about this piece is so well done and the stitching it perfect.   We're all in love with the quilt, especially Nala!  She loves to cuddle up in it every chance she gets!

Paul and I had an amazing experience working with Backstreet Quilt Shop.  It was so much fun deciding on a pattern, playing with fabric combinations and wandering the shop.  I loved seeing all the quilted creations that covered the walls and hallways inside.  We would love to work with them again in the future---maybe for a custom quilted bedspread?  Fingers crossed!

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  1. The quilt is so pretty! Also, your cat is so cute omg. haha Also, I want to attempt to make a quilt one day! But until then, I should try to finish the scarf I've been attempting to knit for two years now... haha

    <3 joycie

    1. Hi Joyie, thank you so much! And haha me too.. I'd love to make a quilt one day but my goodness, I'm not ready for that! There's so much time and steps in sewing one. Good luck with your scarf--I've SO been there too! Maybe you should try crocheting? I prefer it and it's way faster than knitting in my opinion! Thanks for commenting :)