Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tea Tuesday - Wisdom Tea? - Celestial Seasonings Wisdom Green Tea Review

Hello, everyone!  Welcome back for another Tea Tuesday and this is for the month of July, so that means I've been doing this for seven months now!  If you missed June's tea pick (it's a HOLY GRAIL tea of mine!), you can check it out HERE.  

It's okay, go ahead check it out.. I'll wait :)

For July, I chose Celestial Seasonings Wisdom Green Tea with White Tea.  I chose this for many reasons, including the unique flavor combo and the fact it has an elephant on the box--who can't resist a cute dressed up elephant?  Elephants are known for being wise animals, so I guess that's why it's called Wisdom Tea.

Front & back of the box, which made partially of recycled materials and has
the cutest circus elephant on the front!

As mentioned in the title, this tea is different because it combines green  and white with lemon.  The flavor is mild and sweet and gives a little caffeine kick for the morning, which I love.  It's also full of amazing antioxidants and vitamins A & C.  There's 20 tea bags per box, but they are not individually wrapped like you would expect... they're grouped together in a paper bag inside the box.  (I have a photo below).

Overall I've been enjoying this tea, but it's not a favorite compared to others.  I think I prefer a tea to be either only green leaves or white leaves based, if you know what I mean.  That concludes July's Tea Tuesday!  Do you have an favorite teas I should try?  Let me know in the comments and they just might be featured in a future Tea Tuesday :)

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  1. ooh ! lovely tea ! I love tea in general :)


    1. Thanks Marie and me too! What's your favorite kind of tea to drink?

  2. I love the Celestial Seasonings teas! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Holly! Yes, me too.. Celestial Seasonings Tea are great and I also love Twinnings as well. Thanks for commenting!