Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tea Tuesday - August (Drinking Dessert!)

Hello, everyone! Happy August and Happy Tea Tuesday!  It's officially the first Tuesday in August, so of course, it's tea time... specifically Tea Tuesday.  I had so much fun picking out August's tea and I've been drinking it the last few weeks straight.  The delicious pick this month is Tazo Organic Peach Cobbler Tea -- Yes, you read that correctly!  This time we are drinking a dessert!

Tazo Organic Peach Cobbler Tea (find it here) is a black tea with notes of peach, apple and cinnamon.  The flavor is savory and sweet, but not too much.  My favorite way to drink it is with a teaspoon of raw sugar, which greatly enhances the yummy sweetness.  This tea also provides just the right amount of caffeine, so you can drink it anytime.  When I drink this tea, I feel like I'm treating myself.  I hope you all give this a try!

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July's Tea Tuesday can be found here, Tea Tuesday -- Wisdom Tea? in case you missed it.

What teas are you currently drinking?  Let me know below.  I would love to hear some suggestions and they may be featured in an upcoming Tea Tuesday!

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