Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Long time, no post!

If you don't remember me, my name is Richelle and this is my blog: Richelle Loves Life :)  Here I would chat with you all about some of my favorite things-- beauty, tea and more.  And if you do remember me, damn I'm impressed!

Long story short, I had WAY to many projects going on at once and something had to give! Unfortunately, my blog suffered :( but those days are OVER!

I'm very excited to be back!!!

Aurora and myself... my beautiful girl is pretty good at selfies!
I've decided to return back with a FRESH START!  I've redesigned my entire layout and color scheme-- I hope you like it!  Gotta say, I'm digging the grey and raspberry!!  Past favorites will return (Tea Tuesday starts back next week!), as well as loads of new ideas!  If you have an requests, please let me know!

A flashback to my old blog design! 

Recently, my best friend Liv created a blog and it inspired me to come back to mine :)  She reminded me how much I missed it and that I should post again!  And yes, she's right!

She's beginning to post on the weekends about makeup, skincare and anything else in the world of beauty.  I think you would really love her!! She already has a Youtube Channel and now a blog -- LivLovesHerMakeup.  I highly recommend you check her out!  Let her know Richelle sent you :)

That concludes the scoop for now... I'll be back next Tuesday for Tea Tuesday, one of my favorite monthly series.  Like I've said WAY to many times, I'm so excited to be back!  I've missed chatting with you and being a part of the blogging community :)  If you're still reading, THANK YOU!  I'd love to hear from you and I hope you decide to stick around!  Have a great night!

Lots of Love,