Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Bucket List : 13 Seasonal Things Not to Miss!

Hey everyone!  The magical season of fall is finally among us... the leaves are changing in beautiful shades of red, golden yellow and burnt orange, hoodies are out of the closet and pumpkin (or apple--) is added to ANYTHING.  This is my favorite time of year... it's just so warm and cozy!

With that being said, the fall obsessed person I am created this bucket list-- featuring 13 of my top to-dos for this October- mid November.  It's the time for everything spooky or on the verge of being a bit too orange -- Who's with me?! 

Aurora loves her little pumpkin!


#1.  Visit an orchard -- totally a no-brainer, but non-negotiable!  Pick some apples, go on a hayride, pet some adorable animals at the petting zoo :) of course, grab cider and donuts.  Duh!

#2.  Clean the dust off your Crockpot!  It's the time for savory soups, chunky chili and homemade cinnamon apple sauce.  Everything's more tasty when its cooked in a slow cooker!

#3.  Burn away too many candles... anything with apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla or all the above.  Life's too short to not smell fall-awesomeness on the daily!

#4.  Show a bit of your crafty side and dapple in some autumn inspired DIYs.  I also love to start crocheting again.  Pinterest will be your best friend!

#5.  Grab a new book.  I'll be reading Beyond the Homestretch by Lynn Reardon, a book about saving ex-racehorses and the experiences along the way.  This is the season to start reading again!

#6.  Have a horror movie night to watch the CLASSICS (and watch not too scary, old scary movies).  Movies like Halloween with Michael Meyers, Friday the 13th and the Scream series (my personal favorites!)  Order pizza and have the junk food stocked.  Licorice, anyone?!

#7.  Watch HOCUS POCUS -- hell, BUY it!  I just FINALLY made the purchase!
HOCUS POCUS Inspired Canvas is one of a favorite from my shop!

#8.  Check out the local farmers' markets.  Most of them are over by the end of October.  Don't miss out on last minute baked goods and fresh local grown produce.

#9.  Master a corn maze -- scary or not -- and just have fun!

#10.  BAKE AWAY!  I absolutely love baking, especially this time of year :)  I love decorating halloween cupcakes and baking all sorts of pies/crisps.  What are your favorite desserts to bake?

#11.  Decorate for fall, halloween or both... I tend to lean more towards halloween!

#12.  Embrace all that is PUMPKIN and Pumpkin Spice -- try whatever sounds good!

Aww Nala :)  My little pumpkin!

LASTLY  #13. Dress up for halloween or anyone cute in your life :)  I always dress up the fur babies :) Thank you Aurora and Nala for putting up with me!  

What are you most excited for this season?  Any specifically on your list?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tea Tuesday October- TAZO Apricot Vanilla Creme Review

Hey everyone!

Today I'm back with one of my past series - and most beloved - Tea Tuesday, a monthly series sharing a new tea review on the first Tuesday of each month.  It all started with my "minor" tea obsession and the T- T thing well, I couldn't resist ;)

Please note: This post contains affiliate links through Magic Links.

October's tea is TAZO Apricot Vanilla Creme (find it here).  TAZO describes the tea as "This treat of a white tea delights with hints of fresh apricots & Tahitian Vanilla" which is SPOT ON.  It's rated 3/5 on TAZO's caffeine scale, making it a great "anytime tea"... not too heavy for the caffeine-sensitive or too strong if drunk later in the day.  I personally love this as part of my snack!

As instructed on the box, be sure to steep only for 3 minutes... otherwise it can become bitter and I don't know about you, but thats not my cup of tea!  Hahaha pun intended!  Overall its an amazing tea that when brewed right tastes perfectly sweet, especially with a scoop of raw sugar :)  I recommend!

What teas are you enjoying this month?  Please spill!  I LOVE trying new teas :)

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