Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Scents of the Month - November 2016 - NEW SERIES!

Hello everyone!  Today's post is a new monthly series, Scents of the Month.  I absolutely LOVE candles and all things cozy... so why not create a segment devoted to just that?!

Each month I will be sharing all the candles and home fragrance that I am using during that month.  I'll give my mini reviews and scent notes for everything.

I live in a 2-bedroom loft style apartment that is around 1200 sq ft.  I love for my place to smell nice, but not over the top.  Typically on the first floor there are two wallflower plugins, one candle in the bathroom and one in the living room.  Then only one candle in our loft bedroom upstairs.  So to sum it up, 2 wallflowers and 3 candles are in use on average.  Just to give you an idea!

Starting with the Bath & Body Works Wallflowers... which side note, why didn't I own these sooner?!   They're amazing!!!  Since these are kept only on our first floor, I always use the same scent in each.

First Floor:  Wallflowers in Marshmallow Fireside which is a blend of toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods and fire roasted vanilla.  I NEED this again!!  Highly recommend this one :)  This scent as quickly become a favorite and I want more!!

Living Room:  Candle-lite Company Cinnamon Pecan Swirl
This is our FAVORITE candle of the month!  It's kept on our breakfast bar, so we can easily smell it in the kitchen and living room.  It smells just like cinnamon rolls with roasted pecans on top.  Delicious!!!

First Floor Bath:  Candle-lite Company Pumpkin Nutmeg Pie
Another great scent for the month... doesn't burn as perfectly as Cinnamon Pecan Swirl but this still good.  You can really smell the baked pumpkin and spices!  The smell lingers for a long time too :)

Loft Bedroom:  Candle-lite Company Juicy Black Cherries
Now onto the dud of the bunch.... :(  I love cherry ANYTHING, but not this guy!  This candle doesn't burn evenly and the jar keeps getting full of soot.  EVEN though I trim the wick each time!  Such a bummer!  Also I can barely smell it.  I wonder if I got a bad patch?

What candles are you burning this month?  Anything I should try?!

I hope you like this new series idea!  Let me know down below :)  Feel free to follow my site for future posts!  Thanks for stopping by.

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