Saturday, January 14, 2017

Art & Craft Supplies Declutter - Hello Minimalism Series

Hello, everyone!  Continuing with my Hello Minimalism series, I have decided to tackle one of my hardest areas to simplify-- my art and office supplies.

My most beloved hobbies are art/craft related and I also run my own Etsy Shop, Freckled Moonchild where I sell decor and accessories.  Between the two, I've gathered quite the collection!  I love to make jewelry, paint, color, crochet and more.  Not to mention, I've been a creative, DIY kinda person my entire life, so yeah this is what happens hahaha

 To my defense, there used to A LOT more supplies... there used to be a craft room.. like literally a room dedicated to my craft and art business stuff.  This was almost three years ago and I've been tapering down ever since.

Being an all-around crafter, of course I love this stuff and if I play the "I could use this to make this or later I want to try this" game I could sit here all day dreaming of ideas and my stash would stay the same. I've gotten to the point that having all this excess is just simply too much and instead of making time to crochet or draw again, I get overwhelmed by everything else.  I want to change that.

My goal is to continue to minimize these supplies and keep what I really use and enjoy.  I hope by clearing out the clutter, I can actually use more of what I have and be more creative.  What's the point of having these items if I don't create anything?    

First things first, I gathered ALL of my office and art supplies and brought them into my living room. I've been in the habit of keeping things in different areas and this way I can see everything I have.  In the future, I will keep all these items in one spot.  NOTE: I forgot to grab my sewing machine!

1.  First, I started with all my office stuff-- pens, markers etc. and I started by checking that everything still works.  I tossed what dried out, sorted what I thought I would use and set the excess into a baggie for donation.

2.  Next I moved onto my crochet/knit bag.  I checked all the sizes of needles/crochet hooks and made sure I didn't own duplicates and I cleared out almost all my yarn.  Although I love to knit, this is a hobby I mostly do in the winter months and I typically end up buying specific yarn for the project at the time anyways.

3.  Then I proceeded to go through each container and cleared what I could.  I really thought about what is was for and when I last used it.  If I hadn't used it in awhile, I usually cleared it out.

4.  The teal and pink container was pretty much set, as I use it to store all supplies for everything in my etsy shop.

Yarn, excess office supplies, ribbon, 2 scrapbook albums, loads of scrapbooking stickers, beads and miscellaneous craft items.

In the original photo at the very top, I had about 8 main bags/containers to store my supplies.  I am now down to 5 and they are no longer stuffed like they were before.  In the photo above, on the left is what I kept and on the right is what I am donating.  THANK GOODNESS!

That's what I've been able to clear out so far :)  I'm happy with my current stash but I think I will go through it again in a month or so.  This is by far my biggest hobby/ part-time work, so this wasn't going to be easy!

What's your hardest declutter you need to do in your home?  Let me know down below!

I hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to follow my site for future posts.  As always, thanks for stopping by :)  Have a great day and talk with you soon!

Lots of Love,


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