Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hello Minimalism -- NEW SERIES! -- My Story & Getting Started

Hello, everyone!  HAPPY NEW YEAR :)  Today starts a new series -- and life journey -- surrounding Minimalism.  This became such an important goal of mine last summer (2016) and became my first resolution for 2017.  This new series will be known as Hello Minimalism.  Has a nice ring to it, right?


I've always been on top of things when it comes to decluttering items, but it was until recently that I heard of Minimalism and what it's all about.  The idea of living with less and simplifying your life sounded amazing.   This REALLY appealed to me.

Although I would donate several times a year, I still felt overwhelmed by all the "stuff" in my apartment.  I love a clean home and making sure things have a place, but it all takes time.  I believe being more minimalistic would help me achieve that easier and ease some of my anxiety.  I also want to make more time for what's most important: my relationship and animals at home and enjoying more of my hobbies like reading and art.

Don't worry, Aurora will NEVER be decluttered hahaha


Like I said, I slowly started clearing out bits and pieces and wanted to share my progress.  This is just the beginning!  These are all items that I have been gathering since May 2016 when we moved into our current apartment.  It's a mix of things-- clothing, books, craft supplies, home decor and more.  These five or so boxes are being dropped off at the Salvation Army this week.

It's really funny to me that I already have all these boxes to clear out.  When I moved, I saved the sturdy boxes for future donating and originally had the goal to fill around 4-5 of them.  Well, I've already done that!  Haha I haven't even officially gone through everything!  We actually have a lot less clutter than most people we know.  It just shows how much "things" we all just keep around "just because".  The "American Way" is NOT always better!  It's time to mix things up!


Now moving forward, like any Type A person would do, I made a checklist.  I wrote this on paper (I'm a paper and pen kinda person!) and organized it by room/floor.  Then under each room, I would write down key parts that would need to be gone through... NOTHING is being left out.

For example, for the loft, it includes our master bathroom and master bedroom.  I wouldn't simply just write that and move on, I would more specific.  Underneath "Master Bathroom", I wrote: shower, counter top and under sink. Underneath "Master Bedroom", I wrote: closet, dresser, nightstand, vanity area, etc.  This made the most sense to me and as I work, I can cross things off the list and not forget anything.


As I work through my place, I am documenting EVERYTHING.  I really want to track my progress and share it with you.  Hopefully this helps someone.  For main areas, I will be doing Declutter posts that will break down exactly what I have and what I clear out in more detail.  I will also post Minimalism and Declutter Updates when needed to keep you in the loop.

That's the scoop for now!  I will be sharing my Christmas decor declutter next, so stay tuned for that. I hope you're excited for the new series.  Are you decluttering?  Let me know down below!

I hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to follow my site for future posts.  As always, thanks for stopping by :)  Have a great day and talk with you soon!

Lots of Love,


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