Saturday, January 21, 2017

TV Stand & Media Declutter - Books & DVDs - Hello Minimalism Series

Hello, everyone!  I have another declutter post for ya!  This time I moved onto my living room and wanted to work on the TV stand.  There's a lot of storage inside, so I am able to store books, DVDs and miscellaneous items inside.

I have downsized this area in the past, especially the books but everything has become very overcrowded. The books are stacked as tight as possible and there's piles behind the initial stacks in the front.  The DVDs are all stored on the sides (each shelf can fit 12) and they also are packed to the ceiling.  Also in the center on the bottom shelf, there's a small box that I keep some of Paul's gaming stuff/electronics and our boxed TV sets.

Now, this wasn't going to be a huge transformation by any means because these are not all mine.  My boyfriend is supportive of me simplifying our place, but has no interest in becoming a minimalist himself.  He loves his movies and such, so I didn't force him to clear out what he didn't want to.  I am proud of him though, he has been doing some decluttering with me!  Baby steps, folks ;) Haha


1.  Right off the bat, I took everything out of the cabinet except for our cable box.  I love to watch shows while I work and I started watching the Sons of Anarchy again.  Ahhh, I miss that show!

2.  Once the cabinet was emptied, I dusted every shelf... this will be the easiest time to clean it!

3.  Moving back to the ridiculous pile... which by the way, what the hell?! This looks like so much more stuff when it's on the floor and not hiding away!  I'm so glad I worked on this!!

Anyways, rant over :)  I started sorting by type:  books, DVDs and random items.  Then I worked through each pile at a time.  I set my favorites aside first then moved through the rest.

So a little secret, I counted everything and here's where I'm at:

BOOKS:  50
DVDS (TV series/ boxed set count as 1 unit):  75

Beware ~ you may get some distractions that want to "help" haha

Here's what I am going to donate!  Like I said, nothing too crazy here, but I'm happy with this progress.  I was able to clear out 21 items total: 11 books and 10 DVDS.  Not too bad.


Another area down :)  I'm so glad that I was able to minimize the cabinet and it's so much easier to find what I want.  It's no longer stuffed to the brim and everything has a space.. thank goodness!  I also replaced the cardboard box with an extra blue tub (my beloved True Blood series is stored in there!).  I would love to purchase a Kindle at some point and once I do, that will clear out several more books and prevent more from being added.

This is the main area that I store items in my living room, so that room is pretty much done and it feels great!  I'm moving onto the kitchen next... wish me luck! :)

I hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to follow my site for future posts.  As always, thanks for stopping by :)  Have a great day and talk with you soon!

Lots of Love,


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