Saturday, February 4, 2017

5 Areas Not to Forget While Decluttering! - Hello Minimalism Series

Hello, everyone!  Today's post is 5 Areas Not to Forget While Decluttering.  I had fun putting this together and I hope it helps you!  These are all small areas to work on and should only take you minutes.  Let's get started!

1.  Handbag & Wallet
I spent hours decluttering my first floor and realized I never checked by purse!  Mine wasn't stuffed to the brim by any means, but there were definitely things that didn't need to be there.  While you're at it, go through your wallet as well... just because everything fits, doesn't mean you should keep it!  If you're curious, my bag is by JW Hulme Co and the pile to the right is what I cleared out.

2.  Pet Supplies
Here's another area I tacked: Pet Supplies. Haha of course, if you don't have any pets this doesn't apply, but I am a happy animal mama to 5 (yes, 5!) and it's always a good idea to go through their stash.  There's no point in keeping items that are broken, expired or not ever used/played with.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this part!

3.  Electrical Cords/Chargers
Like many of us, I had a lot of miscellaneous cords and chargers that were collecting dust.  I kept one HDMI cord, one internet cable and one spare charger for my phone.  After that, I got rid of the rest.

4.  Key Ring
The next thing-- which I think most of us are guilty of-- is our keys.  I don't know about you, but there were old keys, reward cards I never use and random things that I had no business keeping.  The left is obviously my keep and the right is toss.  I love having slimmer keys now!

5.  Car
Lastly, we can't forget our vehicles!  Make sure to check all the glove boxes, center console and everything in between.  I'm not in the habit of hoarding things in my car, but I did have things in the dash.  I ended up decluttering all the CDs that I never listen to and some other random things.  It never hurts to check!

There you have it!  5 Areas Not to Forget.  As I find more ideas, I would love to make more posts like this.  Are there any I should add?

I hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to follow my site for future posts.  As always, thanks for stopping by :)  Have a great day and talk with you soon!

Lots of Love,


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