Saturday, February 11, 2017

Master Closet Declutter - BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS - Hello Minimalism Series

Hello, everyone!  The time has finally come to start decluttering the loft.  The loft is used as our master bedroom and has an attached bathroom.  I will be decluttering our master bathroom/shower in a separate post... coming soon.

Today's post I will be focusing on the master closet which holds my boyfriend and I's clothing (mostly that needs to be hung), accessories, some electronics and other random things.  My boyfriend Paul helped with this declutter and went through all of his things... as I've said in a previous post, he is not looking to become more minimalistic but I really appreciate the decluttering he's willing to do! Baby steps, people! :)  I hope to think that I'm leading by example.

The rest of our wardrobe is stored in a large wooden dresser we share and I am saving that for a specific post next week.  More to come, don't worry!

BEFORE - Right Side:

Here's the right side and where most of the "stuff" collects.  My clothing that needs to be hung is on this side and we share the cube shelves/top shelf.  The clothing rod is pretty overcrowded and the shelves are ridiculously stuffed!  

To our defense, this is the SMALLEST closet I've ever had in my life AND I have to share it.  One of the few things I wish I could change about our loft!

BEFORE - Left Side:

The left side is pretty much all of Paul's clothing and large bulk items on the floor (luggage and hunting gear).  It's not as bad... simply because there's hardly any space!  I keep mostly his go-to work clothes inside.


First, I started on the horrible-to-look-at shelves and I took EVERYTHING OUT.  Each shelf was emptied and tossed on the bed.  

Once it was clear, I dusted all the open surfaces in the closet.


Next, I went through everything that we took from the shelves and started creating piles.  I had a pile for keep, donate and trash.  

Then I reorganized what we chose to keep and returned the items back to their home.  

Lastly, there was the clothing on the rod.  We went through each piece one by one and followed the same methods as we did the shelves.  Luckily, since our rack is on the small side, there wasn't much we were hoarding on it!

Declutter - What's Going!

I am selling my American Girl Dolls, old camcorder and Samsung VR Headset on eBay.  (At this time, they all sold already!  Yay!)  If you have things of value that you no longer want, try to sell them first!

The rest in the pile is being donated.  There's several hoodies, sweatpants, tops, scarves and miscellaneous items we cleared off the shelves.  There was even a mini remote control helicopter. This easily filled a large box.. off you go!  Good-bye!


Here's the result!  Not perfect, but the clothes are no longer crowded on the rack and the shelves are much more open and organized.

There you have it!  Closet declutter done... next week I am tackling the dresser.  Wish me luck!  Any of you decluttering your home? 

I hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to follow my site for future posts.  As always, thanks for stopping by :)  Have a great day and talk with you soon!

Lots of Love,


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