Thursday, April 27, 2017

Donation Drop Off #1 - Goodbye Clutter! - Hello Minimalism Series

Hello, everyone!  Paul and I finally made a trip to our local Salvation Army to donate several months worth of decluttered items.  It felt SO GOOD to have the boxes cleared out!  I've found that decluttering can be easy, but removing the stuff later is the hard part .. or at least in our case!

This wasn't our first drop off since starting this series in January, but it was the third and the largest.  From now on, I plan on sharing whenever we make a drop off.. hence, this post: Donation Drop Off #1.  I figured, why not?  Let's hold myself accountable and move the items out.  

I find it kinda satisfying seeing everything all boxed up!  It really puts things in perspective... little things, big things.. it all adds up!  This trip included a total of 5 boxes (packed FULL!) of various items from previous declutters (check out my Hello Minimalism Section!).  The bulk was clothing, media, decor and miscellaneous home goods.  We also got rid of this tall white cabinet.. sorry, I forgot to take a photo!

That's all for this quick little update :)  I hope you're all doing well and have been up to some decluttering yourself!  I always feel so much lighter once I manage to fill another box... anyone else?

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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer Review - TIPS + Before & After Photos

Hello, everyone!  Thanks for tuning back and today I have a review for you on a new product that has come into my life.  It is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer (find it here), which claims to be crease-proof", "waterproof" and "instantly conceal dark circles, bags and discoloration".  I like those claims.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links through Magic Links.

I purchased Bye Bye Under Eye from ULTA for $24 for .28 fl. oz tube and it is also available at It Cosmetics Official website.  I purchased "Light", which is the lightest shade of the four colors offered.  This color is PERFECT for my very fair skin.  As far as high end companies, I thought this was a fair price.  In addition, they are cruelty-free and use cleaner ingredients which is extremely important to me.  If a product is not crulety-free, I'm not even close to interested.  I also love the packaging that prevents waste that consistently happens with the applicator wand tubes.  I used those for years and I'm officially done overspending on an item with less product inside!

In case you have figured it out yet, I'm in LOVE with this concealer and it holds up to every claim and more.  I use this mostly under my eyes, but I have also used it for spot concealing on the face and it worked wonderfully.  The tiniest about of product goes a very, very long way.  It melts seamless into the skin and does an amazing job at concealing under my eyes.  With absolutely NO CREASING... None whatsoever and I don't even set this with a powder.  Now that's a great product!  My skin is so pale, that I don't technically have "dark circles" because they're purple/bluish instead from my blood peaking through.  You can even see my veins in areas!  Endless to say, if I decide to wear makeup at all, that's the first area covered up!  And the BEST PART: it conceals without looking like you're wearing makeup!

I've added some photos for you, including Before & After pictures--Please be nice! :)  


Quick Tips & How To:
*Squeeze a TINY amount on the back of your hand--see photo--a little goes a long way.  The amount shown in the photo is plenty for my entire face. 
*You can use a brush, but I prefer my fingers I think it helps blend easier.  For my eyes, I usually work some product on-to my finger tip and make three dots under each eye and blend.  If you need more then you can always go back. 
*As mentioned earlier, no setting powder is needed.  You can continue your routine as usual.  I've worn this alone without foundation so I apply it directly after moisturizing my skin.  If you want to wear foundation, apply this concealer afterwards.

This is a fantastic product and I hope you consider giving It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye a try.  I enjoyed sharing my opinions of this product with you!  Have any of you tried this brand before?  Thoughts?  Please share them below!  If you liked this post, please like, comment and follow this blog :)  You have a great day!  

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Makeup Declutter 2017 -- Vanity Drawers CLEAR OUT -- Hello Minimalism Series

Hey, guys!  I hope you're all doing well :)  I wanted to return with a declutter of my makeup storage.  I originally had a vanity setup, but since then I have scaled down to this black drawer unit from Amazon.  It features 10 plastic drawers (my beauty products used 6, plus the top section) and stainless steel framing.

I had high hopes for these drawers, but these are NOT working for me!  The drawers are only couple inches tall, so it is impossible for most bottles to stand up right and are forced to lie flat.  Also my biggest issue -- the spacing above each one, allows dust and pet hair inside!  No thank you!

With all of being said, I really wanted to clean out every drawer and minimize my collection.  I would love my makeup to fit within two makeup bags: 1st would hold my go-to products and 2nd of my extra lippies, eyeshadow palettes, etc.  That's the goal!

First step: I covered my bed with towels... I knew sorting was in order and I didn't want anything to stain my quilt!  

Next, I took of each of the filled drawers and placed them side by side on the towels.  I also cleared the top of the unit where I kept my sprays, brushes and lip products.  This gave me a great overview.

Then I started through each section and set aside products that I absolutely adore and use often.  I knew those were all "keep".  Later, I removed expired products and items I simply didn't reach for.  This included samples... I kept a few and decided to donate 90% of them.

Here's what I kept!  Basically, I was able to scale down half of my collection.  There were certain products I kept, which I am still working through and will not need to repurchase.  

I decluttered some nail polish, makeup brushes, samples, makeup organizers and more. I decided to keep all three makeup bags, which I use on a regular basis and are all different sizes/styles.

THE RESULTS!  The right pile is garbage and the bins are full of odds and ends.  Some makeup is expired (which will be tossed), samples (will be donated) and all the organizers (will also be donated).  

While I was at it, I went through my jewelry box and found many more items to donate as well.

I counted roughly 40+ pieces that I removed from the drawers!  I'm pretty happy with that!  Of course, with more time I will keep working on it.  I hardly buy makeup anymore, so I'm using what I have.  I do still purchase pure basics, such as concealer, brow pencil and mascara... only things that I don't have extras of.  This is helping me form my ideal minimal makeup collection.

  Here's an overview of everything... top is donation/trash and bottom is keep.  As I work through more products, I think my goal of two makeup bags for storage will be in reach.  I had a lot of fun incorporating the KonMari Method for my makeup collection declutter.  It was very helpful!

  There's my latest declutter :)  How are you doing?

I hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to follow my site for future posts.  As always, thanks for stopping by :)  Have a great day and talk with you soon!

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